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Yaroslav Davydov
Yaroslav Davydov

How One Mompreneur Is Helping Women Who Think Motherhood Is A B@* $ \/\/FREE\\\\

I am a better mother and startup founder because I have an incredible village helping me. From my husband to our nanny to my parents to friends, my girls think it's natural to have a team of people caring for them. And at work, our extended team of advisors and investors and friends help navigate the weekly ups and downs so that we know we have a safety net to depend on when we need it. It's so critical because that's what helps stave off burn-out on both the parental and startup front -- sharing the load with others that I trust.

How One Mompreneur Is Helping Women Who Think Motherhood Is a B@* $

While most moms are getting gifts today, these women are working hard to build their businesses to ensure not only financial stability for their families, but also to create a future for their children, teaching and showing them how to be business savvy, and to think in an unconventional way about what the future might hold.

Perhaps the crisis was the impetus professional mothers needed to redefine the meaning of work; a chance to re-enter the labor force on their own terms. Patrice agrees, adding,I think more women are finally realizing that business can be a vehicle for change. It can be something you do to not only support yourself but to have positive change in the world and set a good example for your kids. It's a new frontier for women." 350c69d7ab


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