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Buy Microbrewery Equipment

We purchased 4 - 5 BBL BIAC's as our primary brewing production equipment. Having just over 10 brews on the equipment we are loving the quality of beer we are able to produce. There are many benefits of this patented system, what I love MOST about BREWHA is not having to use caustic and other dangerous chemicals after every single brew. Not only saving money on chems but reducing the chance for a chemical accident. The smaller footprint also saves us lease money. Overall the best benefit of choosing Brewha as your equipment vendor is the customer service. Before giving my life to open a brewery, I worked in purchasing and had thousands of customer service experiences. I can tell you 100% BREWHA provides the best customer service experience I've ever experienced.

buy microbrewery equipment

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I purchased the 5BBL BREWHA BIAC as the workhorse for a local nano brewery. During the many months of deliberating over the right system, what won me over with BREWHA was the customer service, the abundance of helpful information on the website and price point. The system was also shipped from the West Coast saving a lot on shipping. The equipment recently arrived and I will be testing it out very soon. The packaging of the equipment was also impressive. Nicely organized and ready for installation. I cannot say enough about how Nathan was always available and took all my concerns seriously, credibly and in a timely manner. One of the unique aspects with the BREWHA system was the need for a gantry and hoist. This is also one of the conveniences for brewery operations since it allows a single brewer to brew a batch.

I am a long time extract brewer (10+ years) that shied away from all grain brewing because of the extra time, effort, equipment, and equipment footprint. A couple of years ago I was lured into the all grain world by the PicoBrew Zymatic. I enjoyed the product but craved more control (it was a little too automated) and larger batch sizes... When I found the Brewha BIAC it seemed to be the perfect solution, and so far I have not been disappointed! Despite still being an all grain newbie I quickly became comfortable on the system and it is simple to use. My results have been great and clean up time has been reduced, even compared to the Zymatic. I've also been able to get rid of a lot of my other equipment which has been great... If you are serious about brewing, this product is definitely worth the money. Nathan has also been great answering any questions and resolving any issues I have had.

Commercial brewery equipment cost is changing rapidly. Quoted shipping rates are reported to have soared by as much as 400% since the impact of covid. Lockdowns unleashed unprecedented demand for consumer goods worldwide, and there is no indication that costs are going to come down anytime soon.

If you are thinking to opening a large brewery in your area then you need to buy commercial brewing equipment , because large brewery need to handle different scale of operation. But how much does commercial brewery equipment cost?

Depending on your brewery size, acquiring a license and buying the good quality commercial brewing equipment, we can roughly estimate that it can go from $100,000 to $1million easily. Again, this is only a ballpark figure. For a person who is new to this brewing, the microbrewery option is far better. It is slightly smaller, but you will oversee everything in your own space. You can produce less than 15,000 barrels and 75 % of beer will be sold offsite. It will be a commercial venture and you can buy all the commercial equipment for a microbrewery in less than $100,000. The small equipment will take less space in the house. This will save you some major real estate costs and tax amounts. Your license cost will certainly get reduced. The further plumbing, electrical works, and flooring cost will eventually reduce because you are renting a small space. Day to day operation will be easy to handle, you can take a few employees to help you out as well.

GW Kent is known for its premium quality and expansive stock of brewing supplies and microbrewery equipment. In this section, you will find everything from beer fermenters, brite tanks, brewhouses and accompanying equipment, carbonation systems, cellar equipment and supplies, filtrations items, fittings and valves, ingredients, all the way to those finishing touches in kegs and packaging.

You will find a great selection of yeast propagation and specialty tanks in the microbrewery equipment section including the distiller mash tun, distiller blending tank, yeast propagation tank, yeast propagation keg system, kegs for yeast propagation, a turbidity for yeast harvest, and much more.

Breweries can vary enormously in size, from the smallest microbrewery to the largest multinational brewing corporation. The diversity of processes is likewise diverse, being largely dependent on the type of beer produced and the degree of automation desired.

Since 1995 we have been fulfilling needs for home brewing and wine making. Providing top quality equipment, fresh ingredients, and outstanding customer service; we pride ourselves on constantly brewing and growing to further fine-tune our selection.

All of our commercial beer brewing equipment is made from premium virgin 304 stainless steel, offering superior sanitation and easy cleaning. Safety is a critical aspect of all of our pro beer brewing equipment designs, keeping brewers safer and helping to avoid major hassles at inspection time. Our micro brewing systems are used around the world, and our unique turnkey systems are built specifically to meet the needs of microbreweries, providing sophisticated controls normally only seen in very large commercial breweries.

Have Another Quote? Let's Talk About it.Whether you choose to open a brewery with us or not, we want to make sure you do it right. We stand by the quality of our brewing equipment and are confident that when comparing apples to apples, no one can compete with our quality, price, and amazing customer service.

Microbrewery Equipment Market overviewThe global microbrewery equipment market growth rate is projected to be 9.30% until 2027. The global market value should be USD 500 billion in 2024. It should be USD 4.8 billion in 2027.

Microbrewery equipment is used to ferment the malt by-products that will become beer. Fermentation is vital to produce good lagers. The microbrewery equipment plays a vital role in fermenting the beer.

Microbrewery equipment is used in small, medium, and large-scale enterprises alike. It includes monitoring tools and systems whose sole purpose is to check the quantity and quality of beers being brewed. The trend in recent years has been to automate as many of these systems and tools as possible.

Many companies in the global microbrewery equipment market are enticed by the higher CAGR of the market. They are also enticed by its higher market value. These companies are seizing upon the greater demand for different types of beers by ensuring that their facilities are equipped with the latest and most technologically advanced equipment available.

Microbrewery equipment can be costly, especially the newer generation that is environmentally friendly and technologically advanced. The high cost of maintaining and repairing microbrewer equipment is also another restraining factor. These machines also require a great deal of energy to operate efficiently. High energy costs are another restraining factor.

Perhaps the greatest challenge that companies in the global microbrewery equipment market face lie in trying to produce a newer generation of equipment that is technologically advanced and environmentally friendly enough to brew more beer but is priced at price points that the global masses can afford.

ICC Northwest Inc is a major American player in the global microbrewery market. It is an industry leader. It invested heavily in research and development. Thus, ICC Northwest Inc was able to market those technologically advanced and environmentally friendly products at higher price points. The company was also able to create a sustainable competitive advantage.

This segment generated the largest revenue stream of all of the segments in the global microbrewery market in 2018. This trend is expected to continue for the time period that this report covers. Barley and other grains must ferment for beer to be produced. Different breweries have different types of equipment because they produce different types of beer.

The European Union currently has the largest microbrewery equipment market share at 48.2%. This was according to 2019 data. The European Union is expected to have the largest market share for the time period that this report covers. One reason for this is the fact that many nations in the European Union have large numbers of beer consumers. One case in point is Germany. Another is Austria.

The Asia-Pacific region is witnessing respectable growth in the regional microbrewery equipment market. China, especially, has the largest microbrewery equipment market share of any nation in the Asia-Pacific region. The reason why is that the Chinese prefer to drink different types of beers. Microbrewery equipment is capable of producing these different varieties of beers.

The North American region held a sizeable portion of the global microbrewery equipment market share in 2019. The region is expected to enjoy a high growth rate for the time period that this report covers.

Most companies find that they can remain competitive if they invest heavily in research and development. They are able to develop a new generation of equipment that is technologically advanced, environmentally friendly, and has newer and more innovative applications. These companies are thus able to create a sustainable competitive advantage.

ICC Northwest Inc is a major American player in the global microbrewery market. It leads because it invested heavily in research and development. Thus, it was able to develop and market that equipment that would give it a sustainable competitive advantage. 041b061a72


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