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Yaroslav Davydov
Yaroslav Davydov

Csr Harmony Wireless Software Stack NEW! Download

You can download the CSR Bluetooth Remote Control Device Driver below. Note that this is a Windows 7 and Windows 8 for a 64bit system. You can search this website for the 32bit version of the software. Always scan your files which you download from the internet. This was the last driver released being version Note that this file is a CAB file which people hate however you can see the instructions below as to how to install it.

csr harmony wireless software stack download

Download Zip:

This section of the webinar takes you through the steps to set up the hardware and wireless communication needed to deploy flight controllers to the minidrones. In order to deploy the flight controller design on a PARROT minidrone, you will first need to download the hardware support package using the Add-On Explorer and follow the hardware set-up steps provided. This will help you install a custom firmware that PARROT has provided to let Simulink users design and integrate their own flight control algorithms with the aircraft software system. Firmware replacement takes place over a micro-USB connection and may take about five minutes.

After the firmware has been replaced, depending on your operating system, there are specific steps you should follow to enable wireless communication between the host computer and the minidrone. For computers running on Windows, you will need to enable a Bluetooth Low Energy interface with supported chipset and drivers or to use a USB dongle with those characteristics. For Windows, the recommended drivers are the CSR Harmony wireless software stack version


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