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Nihongo Sou Matome N4 Pdf

The creators of the program have not made any attempt to make this book holistic. It only gives structure to the vocabulary study and listening exercises. So, if you are learning something new, you should check out the JLPT's Official Grammar Website for Explanations . However, the So-matome lets you understand Japanese much more quickly and efficiently than attempting to learn it using bullet points and images. To see all six weeks in a single book, you'll need to put in a lot of effort at all levels. For the most part, the resources available are good.

nihongo sou matome n4 pdf

Regardless, I find this tool to be very useful as a way to learn Japanese. Especially when you have time restrictions to focus on one thing. The So-matome has an editorial review of why the program is not a perfect guide for grammar. For example, it cannot take a new learner (or any Japanese language learner) and turn them into a fluent speaker of Japanese. It's only for the intermediate to advanced learner.

To make sure you will finish the program successfully, the program recommends you have two different Japanese dictionaries on hand. The first one is the US English Dictionary . The second one is the Japanese to English dictionary . The So-matome also recommends studying keigo grammar to learn grammar points. Specifically, you should learn about Hiragana, Katakana, Hiragana to Katakana conversion, kun'yomi, readings and kanji memorization techniques. Now, let's look at the next questions that can help you decide if this book is worth it.

If you are serious about learning Japanese, add the nihongo curson wich is a learning program for smartphones. It is a comprehensive education system for learning the Japanese language. It is fully integrated with the nihongo Sou-matome series.


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