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Where To Buy Tocco Magico Hair Color

For over 50 years, Color-Ton Permanent Color has been the hero of the Tocco Magico color portfolio. This bestselling collection is powered by a proprietary blend of 7 herbal extracts designed to restore and protect the hair while providing vibrant, consistent color results.

where to buy tocco magico hair color

What it is: Tocco Magico Color-ton Alle Erbe Permanent Hair Color is a rich cream hair dye with high-quality ingredients that includes seven natural herbal extracts. With its low ammonia content, you will experience 100% gray coverage, long-lasting color, and intense shine. Over 30 shades are available.

What it does: Color-Ton hair dye infuses beautifully rich colors into your hair, while the seven herbal extracts in the revolutionary formula help to condition, protest, and restore the natural structure of your hair and scalp. Its natural, organic, and vegetable base moisturizes and soothes your hair with a self-cleansing formula. The results will be hair that is very shiny, soft, and manageable, protecting both the integrity and structure of your hair.

What else you need to know: Each shade is a non-progressive hair color. Increasing processing time will never end in darker hair color or tone. Includes a Sleek Steel Pin Rat Tail Comb that can be used for parting, sectioning, and styling the hair when lightening or coloring.

The Beauty Asylum uses only the finest hair-coloring product available, Tocco Magico. Manufactured in Italy for the past 75 years, Tocco Magico truly represents the history of international hairstyling and fashion.

Eco-friendly, Tocco Magico Colorton hair color formulation is rich in plant extracts that act in a restorative manner, much more soothing and certainly less irritating than common hair color products; leaving the hair shiny and soft.

Tocco Magico is an Italian brand that relies on innovation in the production of hair dyes that protect and nourish the hair. The company's products are eco-certified, contain hyaluronic acid and guarantee rich colour and rejuvenated hair. This Italian brand uses state-of-the-art permanent coloring system that guarantee delivers luminous and dimensional results. The ingredients contained in their products include tea tree oil, green tea, licorice, chamomile and centella. The Multi Complex collection features over 70 shades and each color comes in a large and economical 3.4 oz tube. 041b061a72


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